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With some help you can succesfully raise money for your plans

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Fundraiser wanted…

Many foundations work adhoc. They have good ideas and are looking for funding for their projects.
If they do not have the expertise to raise funds by themselves, a fundraiser can offer a solution.

Fundraising is a complex profession. You must have knowledge of financial resources but also of gouvernance models.
In addition there is a legal side of fundraising, philanthropy and background knowledge.
So there is a lot that goes into fundraising.

Larger organizations often employ their own fundraiser. But that is often nog feasable in smaller organizations.
As a certified fundraiser, I can offer a solution for these smaller organizations.



De Filantrotante is here for you

So, it is good that there are independently working fundraisers.
The FilantroTante is a certified fundraiser. I mainly support small organizations: from management models, statutes, policy  and of course applying for financing from the various parties.

My focus is on supporting organizations to get more professional so that they will become (and remain) futureproof.
In this way, they will be less dependant on municipal contributions.
In addition, I can write out projectplans and substantiate them with a appropriate budgetplan.

My quotations are made on base of the position of your organization. the most important thing is to help you progress towards a professional organization that can look forward to the future with beautiful projects.